Garden Signs at Emerson

One of my summer school moms came to me and asked if our class could paint the garden signs for the Emerson school garden. Goodman Center high school schools built the signs and painted them white. They delivered them last week. This week we started working on them. We started by doing some observational drawing in the garden. We focused on drawing the SHAPES instead of trying to make our drawings look real. They turned out really good!

Then we worked on learning how to draw bubble letters to create the lettering for the signs. Each sign has 4 or 5 kids working on it between the drawings and the lettering. This is truly a collaborative project!

We finished one sign from our list. Doesn’t it look great?


One student was inspired to create a comic after starring at all that garden for so long.


Two first graders worked together to sketch out the large sign ‘Emerson Prairie Garden.’ It’s almost finished being painted.


More Stop Motion

Summer school electives are for three of the six weeks of summer school which means I got a new group of artists last Monday. I started this group on stop motion right away. There was a very uncomfortable heat wave last week so I figured we could take half the class to work on our stop motion charactors and settings and half the class to chill in front of the fan and watch Wallace and Grommit, James and the Giant Peach and Shaun the Sheep. We also watched this great short on the behind the scenes of James and the Giant Peach as well as this great Frankenweenie behind the scenes short.

Inspired and hot, this is what the kindgarten through third grade group came up with! click here

More to come from the 4th through 6th grade group!

An Art Expressions Production: Experiments in Stop Motion

What an amazing group of kids who worked on this video! They are all kids going into first through third grade. This was a true collaboration. Cooper ended up being our resident Stop Motion expert. Not only did he share his knowledge and teach his classmates but he made sure every single student had a chance to choose to be a part of the video in some way. What a thoughtful group!

Check out their collaborative video on YouTube here.



The class of 1st through 3rd graders also created a stop motion video inspired by Andy Goldworthy.

The class of 4th through 6th graders experimented with Model Magic and Stop Motion. Here are their videos, Worm and Ball.

Francesca’s Fish

IMG_6571“I got the idea by having pet fish. Then it was making it. I started with a paper bag, then I drew a fish pattern and added color then cut it out. Next I had to sew the fish and added wire to the mouths. Then I paper mached a balloon and cut it in half. After I paper mached, I made the beads out of model magic and let them dry on the wire. Then I attached the fish to the paper mache to make it a boat.”  -Francesca

Goodbye Elementary, Hello High School!

My 9 weeks student teaching elementary art has ended and I have moved on to student teach in the ceramics room at West High School for 4th quarter. I’ve had an amazing experience at both elementary schools and had the opportunity to work with some absolutely amazing students who I will never forget!

I want to sincerely thank both schools for welcoming me into their communities and a special thanks to my amazing cooperating teacher!

Even though I’ve already began my student teaching at West and started working with another group of awesome students, some of who are actually siblings of the Randall students I worked with, I want to finish posting about all of the lessons and activities that I created and was lucky enough to be a part of while student teaching elementary students.