Summer School!

This summer I am teaching a class called Recycle It. I have it so easy with this class! First of all, I already have a bazillion ideas for recycle art. Second of all, I have VERY small classes. My first class has two students and my second class has nine students. Going from 500 students a week to 11 students a week is a little shocking!! Plus? None of this 60 minutes a week poop. We get to meet two hours EVERY DAY!!!! Oh my gosh. I get to do SO much with the kids this summer!!

So far we’ve made sketchbooks using magazine mod podged on cardboard for the covers and paper bags for the pages inside the sketchbook.

(Pics coming soon. I keep forgetting to actually take pictures.)

Then we made magazine bowls.

Today we started weaving. The younger ones did smaller weavings on cardboard looms  but the older ones are starting a circle weaving using hula hoops and t-shirts.

Hopefully we finish these tomorrow:

It is so amazing what you can get done with two solid hours of art every day. Seriously.

After I am with these great students in this wonderfully fun class, I head to the Capitol to take part in the Solidarity Sing Along group. A peaceful way to make our voices heard in our state Capitol!

We are a gentle, angry people and we are singing, singing for our lives…..

It’s amazing how therapeutic music can be. Arts solidarity!