Summer School Masks

This is such classic art project done again and again. But it’s one that is always so successful and kids love! We began by paper macheing balloons and cutting them in half. Then we sketched our designs for masks, cut them and added details to match our sketches.

Then we paper mached them again and added our details!

4th grade – Wisconsin Zoobilee Animals

A few weeks ago I posted about the 4th grader’s progress on their Wisconsin Art Zoobilee animals inspired by Vilas Zoo’s Zoobilee animal sculptures.  They started their sculptures by sketching their designs.  The Zoobilee artists were required to submit three sketches so we did three sketches as well.  After we picked our very favorites, we built our sculptures using aluminum foil and paper mached over the foil.  After it was paper mached, then we were able to paint and add our details onto our animals.  Here are a few examples of some finished animals.  Watch for them displayed around our hallways and library soon!!

And don’t forget:

5th grade Masks: Update #2

Our paper mached balloons are dry.  We cut them in half so each partner gets one half of a balloon to begin their masks.

Now we are using newspaper and other recyclable materials to tape onto our half of a balloon to create the features of our masks.

These are features we drew on our sketches to design our masks before we began building our features.

Our next step will involve another round of gooey, slimy paper mache!

Stay tuned for the final results!

Preview: 5th grade Paper Mache

5th graders worked in partners to paper mache a balloon.  This proved to be tricky as sometimes the balloon ran away from them!  But they are smart and worked to put paper mache in key places to balance the balloon.  They created layers for 45 minutes so next week, we can cut them in half and they will be strong enough to use as a base for our masks.


Check back to find out what these messy, paper mache balloons will turn into!