Repousse Coins

3rd graders are focusing on identity this year.  We just finished creating plaster sculptures inspired by Degas.  They each posed their sculpture in a way to show what they like to do best.

For this project, students designed a commemorative coin.  A coin to commemorate themselves!  They needed to think about what they most want to be remembered for.  Some were really silly like best video gamer and some were a bit more thoughtful and wanted to be remembered for being a good friend.

We began by talking about what a metal smith was and what it was like to work with metals.  It takes a patient person!  Metal is not a good listener, you have to tell it again and again how you want it to look.  (Unlike clay, which moves right when you tell it to).

Students learned that repousse meant to push the metal to create a design.  We looked at many different examples of repousse together including sculptures and jewelry. Each student created a couple sketches to practice drawing a profile.  Then details of what they wanted to be remembered for were added along the side.

After taping them to their metal and tracing their lines, they were ready to begin repousse.

This one has a football helmet on.  What do you think he wants to be remembered for?

And the final results: