Summer School Mandalas

These Mandalas were done by the younger class of kindergarten through fourth graders. This class has been passionate and focused on their art. They take great pride in their work! The other class of older kids, is very different. It’s like pulling teeth to get some of them to work! Why come to a summer school art class if you don’t want to be there? I don’t get it. But I very much enjoy the passion from the younger kids. At what point does most of the population lose that passion and excitement for creating? It’s a very sad moment.

Summer School Clay

From 8-10am, my art class has students going into 4th, 5th and 6th grades. from 10am-12pm, I have students going into 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. This mix of ages has been interesting. Along with that, sometimes I have both classes do the same project and other times different projects.

For clay, I had the older class pick their project and gave them skills to work off of. For the younger class, I had them all make rattles.

Here is a dragon from a boy going into 4th grade.

And a birdhouse from a girl going into 4th grade.

Sadly, the rest of the clay projects were not finished.

I don’t think our district has ever canceled school because of heat before! But it has truly been unbearable in the classroom and the students have been experiencing many heat related headaches and stomachaches. It is between 95 and 100 degrees in our classrooms! No, we don’t have air conditioning. So I am happy that our school board decided to cancel school for the rest of the week. But, that also means that we missed out on the last two days of class. I get a new group for the second three weeks of summer school starting Monday. So, now I have a group of unpainted clay projects from the older group. I wish I would have pushed them to finish them last week!

Anyway, the younger group only has 3 students who didn’t paint theirs. The rest are finished.

And they all work! (meaning they all make noise)

Music and Art


1st graders have been learning to clap out rhythms in music class. In art, we discussed how some are fast and some are slow.

Fast rhythms might be represented with warm colors.

Slow rhythms might be represented with cool colors.

Students also brainstormed why types of lines would be appropriated to represent fast, exciting music or slow and peaceful music.





Eric Carle’s Dream Snow

First graders learned about collage and overlapping with Eric Carle’s book Dream Snow.

On the first day, we watched a short video and saw Eric Carle himself created his art papers. Then we made our own with our own colors and patterns. On the second day we used our art paper to create a collage to tell a story about what we like to do on snow days.

And then we overlapped our collages with a transparency and painted our own white blankets over the collages.

Watch for Josue’s amazing work (pictured above) in February at South West Wisconsin’s Youth Art Month show at Hilldale Mall!