4th gr Wisconsin Birds

4th graders were really inspired by local artist, Joshua Ludke. They were fascinated by all the different types of birds that live in and visit Wisconsin. Each student picked a Wisconsin bird to sketch. We focused on finding geometric shapes in each bird so we could draw our birds a little easier.
Then we focused on texture. We drew short lines for short feathers and  long lines for long feathers. We also learned that when the lines are drawn closer together, the feathers look darker.

Then we focused on using pen and ink to trace over all of our pencil marks. It was really fun using a new material! This was the first pen and ink experience for most of the students.

When students were finished with pen and ink, they had the choice to add color to their bird using chalk pastels, watercolors or both. Drawing with chalk pastels into wet watercolor can give some really neat effects. Check out some of these finished students! There are so many talented birding artists that I had trouble choosing which ones to post. I had to post so many of them! Can you name each bird?

2/3 Gesture Drawings

2/3 students are learning about Edgar Degas who liked to sketch a lot and then take his sketches back to his studio and work alone (unlike other impressionists who liked to paint in the moment!). We watched the ‘Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists‘ video about him.  I highly recommend it.  Funny, informative and engaging!

Students were introduced to the concept of gesture drawing.  Each student had a partner who posed for them (1 min) and then they switched.  Students looked for both positive and negative space to draw.

We discussed how in gesture drawing, the process is much more important than the product.  It’s like basketball practice, practice is important but most people only see the big game.  Gesture drawing is practice, not the final product.Students will be using their gesture drawings to help them create a sculpture like Degas as well!  (Ours will be plaster strips).

Free Day – for the art teacher too!

When students have a free day, I get to have fun too!  (To be honest, I have fun everyday!!) Often, as an art teacher, I don’t get time to do my own art work.  Recently, I decided to start drawing right along with the kids on their free days.  For some of the drawings, I had 5 minutes and for others 20 minutes.  I love these drawings because I get to sit with students and get to know them a bit more.  I have 500 students every week and often feel like I don’t get to know the students as well as I would like.  Do you recognize anyone? : )

First Year – in photos

Do any of these beautiful works of art look familiar to you?

5th grade - Color Wheel Spiderweb - mixed media

5th grade - Tints and Shades Cubist Picasso - tempera

5th grade - Terrace Town - mixed media

5th grade - Metal Tooling - mixed media

5th grade - Optical Illusions - crayons

3/4/5 grade - Perspective - graphiteK/1 - Self Portrait - paper

K/1 - What Makes Me Different - paper

3/4 grade - Aboriginal - tempera

3rd grade - Madison Landscape - mixed media

2/3 grade - Masks - mixed media

3/4 grade - Claude Monet - tempera

2/3 grade - Name Color Wheel - Watercolor Resist

2/3/4 grade - Romare Bearden Collage

3/4 grade - Handmade paper and book

K/1 - Color Wheel Portrait

K/1 - Georgia O'Keefe - chalk

K/1 - Shape Flowers - mixed media