Imaginative Play and Collaborative Art

I like to end the school year with something that gives kids a little freedom but also gives them enough structure that they are focused and busy during our last classes. Andy Goldworthy is the perfect inspiration for this type of project. He is a naturalist artist who uses only things he finds from nature in his sculptures and then after he is done, lets nature do what it will with the artwork. The kids find him fascinating. How does he do it? What is he using now? How is that balanced? How is that connected? Click here to watch some of the videos we watched in class so we could watch him work.

And some examples of his work:

Today was only Day 1 of our Goldworthy projects. We will continue this for the rest of this week and next week. Here are some pictures from today!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really just show them some of his work and tell them to go make art. They have so many stories to go with each sculpture! I believe the kids don’t ever get enough outside time or imaginative play time. This kills two birds with one stone, has them working together AND creating art. It can’t get much better!

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