Bruce Howdle

This project has become a favorite 3rd grade project for both myself as the teacher and my students. I love this project because I am able to hit on all of our ceramic standards easily, I am teaching about a local artist and the mugs always turn out amazing. The kids love it because it’s clay and they love animals!

Bruce Howdle

Bruce was a ceramics professor at the University of Madison Wisconsin from 1994 to 2005 and he is currently at the University of Platteville. Bruce has been a sculptor since 1976. He has a studio in Mineral Point and he is almost always around to talk about and sell his artwork. Howdle-Studios





mountain-climbersYou may recognize some of Bruce’s ceramic murals around town like this mural of mountain climbers. You can find it on the way west side off of Mineral Point on the TDS Metrocom building.

Univ Hospital Clinic



Or this mural at the University Hospital Clinic in Madison. Really, you can find his murals all over the country!

Randall Raccoons know Bruce’s work more for his animal work than his murals. Bruce is famous for his pigs. Each part is thrown on the wheel and then hand put together.

howdle pigBut the kids really love his animal mugs!

Ask your student how they came up with the idea for their own animal mug. What textures and colors did your child use? What details on their mug help you to know what animal it is? Why did they choose that animal?

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