Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is an American pop artist. Pop is short for popular. Pop Art uses images, ideas and people from popular culture. Comic books are from popular culture and Roy Lichtenstein often used the format of comic book art in his work. He used speech bubbles and onomatopoeias as well as primary and neutral colors.  Often his work featured some sort of drama as well.

Whaam! 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997Randall 5th graders chose an image from popular culture to create a comic book style drawing of their own. Craftsmanship was discussed often in this project. Students were careful to fill the entire space, use contrasting patterns and color neatly using solid lines.

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MMSD Art Standards:

Standard 1: Visual Memory and Knowledge

Students will know and remember information and ideas about art and design around them and throughout the world. 5th graders will identify the purposes, subject matter, stories, feelings or symbols communicated through art.

Standard 3: Designs

Students will design artwork organized by compositional principles. expressive features and sensory qualities. 5th graders will identify and use color, shape, line, texture, space and movement in works of art. 5th graders will identify and use contrast, repetition, emphasis, unity and variety.

Standard 4: Creates

Students will create images and object that communicate and express ideas using varied media, techniques and processes. 5th graders will recognize and use previously introduced elements, media, techniques, and processes and will continue to expand their knowledge which includes: Drawing as a planning tool to interpret and express personal thoughts, Drawing with contour line, textural elements, and value and figure drawing.

Standard 7: Interpreting

Students will interpret the visual experience with a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas. 5th graders will identify subject matter and feeling found in art, identify the narrative qualities of artwork and identify the purpose of various artworks. 5th graders will define, discover and understand symbols and emotional content used in specific artwork.

Standard 9: Making Connections

Students will make connections among the visual arts with other disciplines. 5th graders will recognize endless relationships between the visual arts and other arts and socials studies.

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