4th gr Birdhouses

Each grade level has one clay project a year. I’ve started a tradition of doing mugs inspired by Bruce Howdle with 3rd grade but with 4th and 5th grade, I change it up every year. This year, 4th graders used their prior knowledge from creating cylinders for the mugs last year to create cylinders for be base of a birdhouse this year.

Usually with clay projects, we spend time sketching and planning beforehand. This year’s 4th graders have had a lot of more difficult projects with a lot more art history. I wanted one of the last projects of the year to be a little more open with a little improvisation (which we also spent a lot of time on this year). So with this project I told them they had to start with a cylinder, they had to have a handle and they had to have a hole for a bird to live in. After that, they could make it their own!


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