Mystery Art Puzzle

As with all clay projects, we needed about a week after constructing the Augusta Savage inspired animal dishes, to let them fully dry out before they were fired in the kiln. During that week the students took the opportunity to complete any unfinished, past projects and those students who were all caught up, had the chance to work on a collaborative Mystery Puzzle.

Students were given a stack of 3 x 4 inch white pieces of paper that had a variety of black lines already drawn on them and were instructed to fill the remaining white space with colors, drawings, and designs of their own. They were able to design and color as many pieces of paper as they wanted using a variety of materials such as colored pencils, markers, crayons, and oil pastels. While the final image remained a mystery to the students, they were told that each little rectangle of paper was a piece to a much larger puzzle.


Everyone worked very hard designing the puzzle pieces one after the other in anticipation of figuring out what the final puzzle image could be! Excitement grew and the students worked tirelessly fitting the puzzle together piece by piece. All 3 classes had a chance to work on the Mystery Art Puzzle with the final image revealing itself as a colorful representation of school spirit in the Huegel community.


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