Young at Art 2013

Every other year, MMoCA hosts a beautiful art show called Young at Art. Each art teacher our public schools in Madison choose three pieces of work to be displayed in this show. Today was the opening reception and as you can see, it was well attended!!

IMG_6181Pride was evident on the artists’ faces. This is my very favorite part of of the show!!


IMG_6174 IMG_6183 IMG_6180Plenty of art supporters came out as well. Our new superintendent, Jen Cheatum, came with her husband and beautiful 10 month old little boy.

IMG_6186Here is Mike Hertting, elementary superintendent, talking with art teacher Andy Mayhall.

IMG_6185Jen Cheatum with many of our Madison art teachers.

IMG_6190It was also a pleasure to see school board members Ed Hughes, Arlene Silveira and TJ Mertz at the show as well.

Please go see this show! It will be up until May 19th.


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