famous WarholThis is what Andy Warhol is famous for. But most of us never learn about what he begin with which is his blotted line drawings. He was a graphic commercial artist who drew shoes for magazines and weather graphics for the news!

Andy Warhol ShoesSometimes, he came up with silly sayings for his shoes as well. lead to waterWe began by drawing our shoes using observational drawing skills.

IMG_5183Then we used wax paper to transfer the image to another sheet of paper with india ink.

IMG_5182 IMG_5180 IMG_5179IMG_5181And each artist chose to leave their image black and white, add watercolor, patterns or add a silly saying.

IMG_5263 IMG_5262 IMG_5257 IMG_5255 IMG_5254 IMG_5253 IMG_5251 IMG_5234 IMG_5224 IMG_5223


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