5th Grade Clay – Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is a technically not a pop artist but his work is inspired by popular objects around him just like Pop Art. He started painting before Pop Art was Pop Art. So I guess he created Pop Art for himself.

Wayne loved desserts. This was is favorite subject! We study a lot of art that tells stories and shows serious emotions. Wayne’s work is just fun. Sometimes, are is just meant to be fun!

We focused on Wayne’s cakes. His cakes, in pieces, are triangles. We made them 3-D with clay and create triangular prisms.

Here are a few of our triangular prisms in the greenware stage of clay. Greenware clay are clay objects that have been shaped but have not not yet been bisque fired, which converts them from clay to ceramic.

Keep a look out for our finished, glazed pieces soon!

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