WAEA 2012 Conference and Next.cc

Ah… that’s me taking a big, deep sigh. I always feel so refreshed after my professional art ed conference! I feel like I’ve learned so much and made so many connections. I’ve had time to chat with my colleagues, meet up with fellow bloggers and tweeters and reconnect with art colleagues that are no longer in my area. Jane Belmore, our interim superintendent, almost didn’t let us go to our art ed professional conference but I am so very glad she changed her mind!

I began by catching up on blogging on Wednesday night in my quiet, peaceful hotel room. I feel like I never have time to share what I want with all of you on this blog. Try as I might to stay up-to-date with my posts, it seems it’s always a struggle. But I know this blog is valuable in terms of connecting with my students, parents and other art colleagues as well as an advocacy tool with administration and parents. In fact, some of the tools I’ve been using online were part of the conference workshops! There was a workshop about blogging and a workshop about Pinterest. The blogging workshop was run by Jessica at The Art of Ed which is a blog I’ve been following for awhile. She has a few guest bloggers as well and I met Amanda who I found out graduated from UW a year after me and we had some classes together in college!

The keynote speaker was Linda Nelson Keane, co-founder of Next.cc.  Now normally I’m not very interested in the keynote. It’s nothing against the keynote but sitting and listening to a speech when I want to get on with the workshops is just something I don’t normally have the patience for! So when Linda began speaking, I was only half listening. I know, I’m worse than my students. But by the end of her presentation, I was excited. I was so excited that I attended her two workshops entitled Design as Nature and Greening STEM to STEAM. Next.cc is a website put together with ‘journeys.’ Each journey has an introduction to the topic, a couple activities and then some great links to supporting information around the web. There are many journeys for example, Music and Architecture. The introduction introduces the vocabulary words rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion and dynamics. Many of the journeys connect so you may want to check out the journey on Texture after the Music and Architecture. Next.cc is a website that is better learned by exploring it yourself. I’ve already shared it with some of my Randall colleagues!




The other workshops I attended were Exploring Story with Graphic Novels, “I have to teach what? on Common Core, Kitchen Lithography, The Book Making Experience, A New Twist on Claymation and Mud and Moss: Natural Materials as a New Approach. I will be sharing some of the information I learned with you here on my blog! I also asked a few fellow art educators to guest blog on some of the workshops I wasn’t able to attend so stay tuned.


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