Re-Creations at Atwood Art Room with Ms. Walsh!


Class is now being offered with a drop in option.

You can come for one class, two classes or all five. Whatever works for you! $25 for 3 hours of art fun in air conditioning!!

Monday: Magazine and newspaper art (beads, bowls, picture frame, newspaper yarn)

Tuesday: Tshirts (bags, rugs, headbands, bracelets and yarn)

Wednesday: Mixed Media (collage paintings, sculptures, birdhouses)

Thursday: Glass and Metal (vases, hummingbird feeders, metal tooling)

Friday: Plastic (fused lunch bags, fused weavings, yarn and more)

Hey Randall kids, do you miss me already? Want a little bit of summer art with Ms. Walsh to get you through the rest of the summer? Sign up for this class!!

Click on this link to sign up for this class:

July 16-20 (Monday-Friday)   1-4 pm     ages 8-11        cost: $125
Create bowls from magazines, rugs from T-shirts, hummingbird feeders from bottles and more!
Discover new ways to reuse the things around you to make something beautiful.

Use hula hoops to create a beautiful rug..

…or bowl!

Learn how to make all sorts of new things from magazines!

Like bowls or..

(image from FamilyFun)


How about a beautiful hummingbird feeder from a wine bottle?

Or bowls from fabric without sewing?(image from ModPodgeRocks)

We will also learn to fuse discarded plastic bags into a woven mat and lunch bag!

Like this bag from TwoKitties

or a decorative mat for the dinner table.

Learn how to make this and much more when you sign up for ReCreations at the Atwood Art Room!

Plenty of room left!!


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