Last Week of School

Each year we have an art behavior chart. Classes have the opportunity to earn a sticker for their class period by being safe, being a hard worker and being kind. If they earn 5 stickers, they are able to enjoy a free day where they explore many different art medias without instruction. If they earn EVERY SINGLE sticker for the ENTIRE school year, they earn a tie dye art party at the end of the year. The first year, one class earned this party. Last year, three classes earned this party. This year, SEVEN classes earned this party!! I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for this one as well. I must be doing better with classroom management at some level for so many classes to be experiencing such a high level of success. : )

Congratulations to students in Ms. Koenen, Ms Bauch, Ms. Speigel, Ms. Mincberg, Ms. Cote, Ms Shorette and Ms. Faber’s classes!!








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