Every year 5th graders always ask to do Graffiti. It’s a great end of the year project because students end with something that gives them some confidence as well as freedom to explore some different art elements. It’s also a very simple and clean drawing project. Clean being the key word here. By the last two weeks of school, I am cleaning the art room gradually so on the last day of school, I am almost done. No one wants to spend their summer organizing their art room. Especially if you are teaching summer school at a different location and have a whole other classroom to set up and plan for!

But I can’t just show them Graffiti techniques and tell them to go at it because then we have kids who end up wanting to vandalize around town. So we discuss legal vs illegal Graffiti as well as permission walls. (Mother Fool’s on Willy is a great example!). I give the kids a simple way to begin Graffiti and then they take it on their own from there!




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