Book Making

Ms. Samb choose book making as her last lesson with the 5th graders. It proved to be quick the learning experience for both Ms. Samb and I as well as the 5th graders. As far as Ms. Samb’s learning, it was a great way to figure out how to present a project at a developmentally appropriate level. It took a few tries to get it right but we figured it out! In the mean time, 5th graders were learning how to push through frustrations and not give up. In the end I loved this project! The lesson that something worth it isn’t always easy is a difficult to learn lesson. Students really learned persistence and patiences.

The first part of the project consisted of book binding. Students folded 5 pieces of paper into 4 different individual books called signatures. Then they learned how to thread a needle. This was the most difficult part of the project! Between friends helping friends, we go through threading needles together. Students then using a sewing technique to bind the signatures together. Once the books were bound, the fun part began. Binding books took about two class periods and I’ll say it again, LOTS of patience! It was a great opportunity to discuss what you do when you are frustrated.

So the easy part was making the book covers.


We used cereal boxes to cut out cardboard for our front cover, back cover and spine. Then glued them onto a piece of paper. Then students chose to use either wallpaper, their handmade paper or plain white paper to wrap their cardboard for their cover. To wrap the cover, we started by folding in the corners then folding in each of the four sides and taping them down.


The books turned out really beautiful! Students were bursting with pride. It was a really great way to learn how persistence, patience and hard work pay off. Even the students who were close to tears during the book binding process told me they would do it again because it was worth it. This was many students’ favorite project!!






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