The Tiny Seed- 1st Grade Flowers

The first graders created May Flowers inspired by the book The Tiny Seed- by Eric Carle using a variety of different media.

For the first part, we talked about looms and different ways to do weaving. Using a paper plate, the students used yarn and created the top part to our flower by weaving in a circular pattern going over and under each “petal”.

Students on the second day added the details to their flowers by adding a stem that had been covered with tissue paper and mod-podge. Also, we talked about pipe cleaners and how to create the leaves by creating V shapes by bending the wire inside.

The last part, the students could design their petals with glitter glue, crayons, and seeds found in the school garden. Also we talked about ways to cut their petals to make their flowers unique.

Here is their work!

-Ms. Samb

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