Circle Weaving & Mandalas

I am currently in my third year teaching at Randall. I’ve only done a lesson twice a few times and have enjoyed creating a new curriculum every year. I have started to look back on the projects I’ve done at all levels and decide which ones were the most successful. After evaluating them, I have started to put together a solid curriculum for next year based on students’ classroom curric and successful lessons I’ve done in the last few years.

Circle Weaving is a project I will most definitely be doing again. Overall, students LOVED circle weaving. It’s an inexpensive project that many students started doing at home because they loved it so much in class. I’ve never seen my classroom more consistently peaceful or more students focused all at one time than when they were circle weaving.

We began by looking at photos of Native Americans from Northern Wisconsin. The Bad River tribe and the Lac Courte Oreilles hold yearly celebrations for the harvest season, keeping alive their beautiful traditional dress, dances and music.

photos from Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch

We discovered the many mandalas that are all over their traditional dress and talked about what mandalas mean. We also looked at mandalas from all over the world and discovered how mandalas are part of many cultures.

After looking at some of our Wisconsin tribes and cultures from all over, we created mandalas that represent us. Each student, after circle weaving, drew symbols around their weaving that represents them.

The mandalas also do a great job at brightening our hallways!


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