Terrace Town in progress!!

So Terrace Town is finished and not actually in progress anymore but I was terrible at updating the blog!!

Terrace Town is an amazing program that the Monona Terrace organizes every other year. It allows us to combine social studies, math and art in a very hands-on and innovative way. The students love it!!!

In the regular classroom, teachers teacher the Terrace Town curriculum. Mentors from the community (architects, city planners) give presentations on city planning, architecture and how to be green. Throughout the curriculum, students experience learning about scale, community, design and cooperation among many other things. One of the teachers at another school commented on how many standards she hit just by participating in Terrace Town.

Taping out the tarp with our amazing mentors!

My portion of Terrace Town, as the art teacher, is to help actually BUILD the buildings once they are designed. In class, we went over designs of different windows, doors, materials, textures etc.

Parents came in and added to our building community.


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