Dale Chihuly

This blog post is a little over due and it is inspired by Miss Oetken’s Artists.

As third graders, we obviously can’t actually blow glass but this website from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis was perfect for showing us how real glass blowers do it! We also watched this video where Dale Chihuly gave a lesson on glass blowing to a news reporter.

After learning a little about the glass blowing process, students had a chance to really study Chihuly’s forms and colors. After the Circle Paintings, students knew what collaborative art was and learned that glass blowing can really only be done collaboratively. It’s very difficult to do without help.





Dale Chihuly also has work installed at the Kohl Center here in Madison. Does this look familiar?


Students sketched out some ideas for their own Chihuly sculptures before they began their own projects. Their sketches are inspired by the forms and colors in Chihuly’s work.

Then students used Sharpies to draw their colors and patterns on SOLO clear plastic cups. I used the SOLO brand because after they are melted in the oven, they are easy to poke a hole into for display. They are also easy and safe for the kids to cut into Chihuly forms as well. Other brands have cracked instead of cutting neatly.

If students finished early, they created their own paper Chihuly sculptures.

After the students did their part, I took each of them and melted them in the oven. (250 degrees for a minute or two, just until they begin to curl).

All together hanging in the library. Aren’t they beautiful? There have been SO many comments on this amazing sculpture. Even parents are asking ‘is that REAL glass?” : )

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