Student Council

I recently took on the task of starting a student council at Randall. We have two representatives from each 4th and 5th grade classrooms. 20 leaders! Our first meeting is today after school. I’m so excited!  Last week, we had the opportunity to take a field trip (on the Madison Metro no less) to the Capitol to meet in the Assembly Chambers for the beginning of our leadership training with other student councils from all over Wisconsin.

We are all business. Really.

From there we proceeded to the Children’s Museum where students were able to go to four different stations learning about different aspects of being a leader. I was able to meet with other advisers to get some advice. All in all, very productive morning!

For lunch, we met Representative Kelda Helen Roys on the steps of the Capitol for lunch. She told us the most important part of her job was LISTENING. Very good advice!

After lunch we met back in the Assembly Chambers to hear Senator Julie Lassa, Representative Chris Taylor and Representative Fred Clark share some words of wisdom with us.

We snapped a quick pic up front with Old Abe the second..

Rubbed the badger’s nose for luck..

And headed back to school! What a wonderful start to Randall’s Student Council!!

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