1st gr Fall Still Life

I’ve been really busy and haven’t been updating the blog! Between teaching art at two schools, starting student council and my new PBS position not to mention continuing political involvement- it’s turning out to be a very busy year! I will try to update more often.

Last week first graders had their first still life experience. Last year we learned what a landscape was and created a few projects learning that art vocabulary word. First graders observed the still life and found shapes within the objects to draw. Students had a chance to use markers, chalk pastels, oil pastels and colored pencils to draw.

Students created their still life drawings from vegetables from our very own Madison Farmer’s Market. They learned the difference between a butternut squash and an acorn squash was and they were all excited about the carrots!

Here are some of their beautiful fall still life drawings…

Love the interesting angel of the pumpkin in this one!

Kohlrabi, corn and a carrot.

Love the simple lines in this drawing.

Can you tell what the artist used to draw their still life? Marker? Chalk? Oil Pastel? Colored pencil?


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