Good Neighbors: Art to Strengthen the Community.

The Neighborhood House Community Center presents

Good Neighbors:

Art to Strengthen the Community Art Show

21 Local Business Tributes by 21 Local Artists

Friday, October 14th 2011

MMoCA Gallery Night – 5-9pm

Featuring our own former Franklin and current West HS art teacher –

Ms. Sue Moberly at the Regent Market Coop

Also featuring our very own Randall artists!

Jane Stulova, Lily Hubanks,

Jackson Guha, Eniya Driscoll,

Fiona MacCrimmon and Dana Anderson

at the Neighborhood House

Little preview…

Along with many other local artists including…

Art Gecko -> Artist Jake Goeller

Barriques -> Artist Erika Kovenium

Budget Bicycle -> Artist Wienerstick

Chole’s -> Artist Karen Christianson

Greenbush Bakery -> Artist Phil Lyons

Greenbush Bar & Restaurant -> Artist Dan Ledger

Fraboni‘s -> Artist Sascha Nepokroeff

Hong Kong Cafe -> Artist Amy Atallahill

Ideal Body Shop -> Artist Jeff Garland

Indie Coffee -> Artist Kalpana Prakash

Knitting Tree -> Artist Pat Dillon

Mickie’s Dairy Bar -> Artist Kathleen Kay

Monroe St. Frame Shop -> Artist Michelle Waldeck

Monroe St. Shoe Repair -> Artist Nancy Welch

Mallatts -> Artist Beth Rocette

Orange Tree Imports -> Artist Scott Lesh

Pasqual‘s -> Artist Greg Guilfoil

Strictly Discs -> Artists Angie and Ron Roloff

The Curve -> Artist Don MacCrimmon

Zulu Cafe – > Artist Robert Shapiro

Produced by Kaleidoscope Arts

Curated by Kathleen Kay

Endorsed by Italian Workmen’s Club

Sponsored by Trader Joe’s, St. Mary’s and Summit Credit Union


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