Monochromatic Self Portraits

Lesson inspired by smART Class.

First art project of the school year! Today after school I hung five art classes worth of art work. Up and down the huge ladder that I haul from hallway to hallway. I have ten art classes art work to hang still. It may be a lot of work to hang artwork but it is very worth it. I think it’s very important for artists to see their work displayed. As I was hanging art, a 3rd grader had come back to school with her mom to get something she forgot in her classroom. The mom started asking her daughter questions about her work in the hallway. They had a lovely conversation about her art. This is part of what art is, getting people to talk and question new ideas.

Students started with a pencil drawing about themselves. Some students chose to draw themselves and some chose to draw objects that describe them.

After students finished their pencil drawings, students picked one color plus black and white to paint their paintings.

We learned some new art vocabulary. Monochromatic means something that is one color with tints and shades of that color. Tints would be white with color added and shades are the color with black added.

Students also learned about craftsmanship with a little help from Tricia Fuglestad’s White Spot Inspector and Black Marker.

Stay tuned for the second projects of the school year! 3rd graders are starting to learn about Madison artist Bruce Howdle with a clay project, 4th graders are starting to learn about Wisconsin Georgia O’Keefe with watercolors and 5th graders are starting to learn about American Pop artist Andy Warhol and printmaking.

4 thoughts on “Monochromatic Self Portraits

  1. I can totally relate to hanging up all of that art! I have 855 kids at three buildings so I’m always putting up and taking down! We are working on mono-chromatic projects with my 5th grades so I can really appreciate the self-portraits you posted.

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