1st gr Dots

First graders began their art year by reading this book:

It’s a great book to start off the year. The book begins with a little girl, Vashti. She’s at the end of her art class and still has a black piece of paper. She’s very frustrated! Her teacher encourages her to make a mark so Vishti jabs the paper with her marker and makes a dot. Through encouragement from her teacher, Vishti explores how else she can make a dot and ends up encouraging another young artist to have confidence and make his mark.

*If you are interested in finding this book for yourself, I highly suggest finding your local independent bookstore. (In Madison, I recommend A Room of One’s Own). Chances are if you support them, they will support you and your community! Can you say the same for Amazon?*

Here are some of the Gompers first grade beginning of the year marks:

Each child told me ‘I am an artist!’ Each child was given a compliment. We discussed how to find a specific thing you appreciate about someone else’s artwork and use your words to tell them about it. We had a very positive first grade art discussion!


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