Recycle It! – overview of the 2011 summer school class

I didn’t do a very good job keeping up on blogging this summer. I’m just going to post on post wrapping up all the Recycle It projects from summer school.

Love the tshirt rugs. We created a circle loom out of hula hoops. This worked really well! It was just a little frustrating cutting up all the tshirts. I think by the end, the kids were sick of it. We each cut up about 5 or 6 tshirts per rug.

Next we mod podged tissue paper scraps from the school year onto recycled glass jars to make vases. We also created plastic bag collages.

The recycle planters were a hit as well! Most of us had peas growing by the end of the class.

Paper bag fish.

Tea bag/picture holders

Collagraph printmaking

 Cup and ball game. We used milk cartons, magazine beads and regular beads for this game.

Mini Circle Weaving

Hummingbird feeders from wine bottles (thanks to Concert on the Square)

And creatures.

I must be missing some pictures because we also made quite a few magazine bead jewelry items, photo frames and some other things.  It was a busy class!!

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