New Position!

I wanted to inform the Randall and Gompers communities of my new position next year. Don’t worry! I’ll still be at both schools!

I will be teaching art at Randall 70% just like last year. I will be teaching every class. In addition to art, I will be the new Positive Behavior Support (PBS) teacher 20% of the time. This translates to all day Friday and means I will now be at Randall 90% of the time! I am very excited for this new opportunity. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing as the PBS teacher but I know it will involve community building and encouraging positive behaviors at Randall. Especially since I already know all of the students at Randall, this is right up my ally. I get MORE time to be with kids and will have LESS stress in my overall life. (This less stress thing also means I can continue being politically active outside of school during the school year).

I will be teaching at Gompers 10% of the time. This translates to every Tuesday afternoon. I will be teaching all three first grade classes. Gompers will be hiring a new art teacher shortly to teach five classes on Fridays and Mr. Vang will still be teaching all day on Wednesdays. It will be hard having to split a 60% position between three art teachers. It will be really nice for each art teacher to be teaching an entire grade level so the grades aren’t all  mixed up into different art teachers like last year. This is truly a really positive thing for the kids to have one art teacher for each grade level. There are going to be lots of changes at Gompers.

School starts for teachers on Tuesday and students on Thursday. I’m excited to see my students again! This is my third year as a Madison teacher. I’m ready!!! Well, close.

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