This post is a bit overdue considering the last week of school was actually June 6th. But I’m sure I’ve been forgiven as the reason for the delay has a lot to do with this, this and this. And I’m sure this will keep me busy the rest of the summer along with the possibility of this. Those of you reading this who are not in Wisconsin, I implore you to become educated on what just happened here because it’s coming for your state next.

This is what I was doing last week:


It was a bittersweet ending to school this year. The last week was full of ups and downs.

June is a great time to relax with my students and really get to know them better. All of our projects are finished, classroom cleaned and they don’t want to concentrate anymore anyway. I think I did something different in almost every single last art class.

We played the drawing game where one person starts with a line or shape and you pass it among your friends. This was a favorite because I let them draw whatever they wanted as long as it didn’t contain weapons, violence or anything inappropriate for school. I allowed the bodily functions comedy and a lot of the boys really ran with it to the girls’ disgust.

They got really silly! Perfect for the last week of school!

I loved this drawing:

The artist told me this is a love and peace machine. Sorely needed right now!

I was going to bring some classes outside for sidewalk chalk but the day of was way too hot to go outside so we did chalk reproductions on the floor instead. They got to pick their favorite print to study and draw with a partner.

Some classes drew each other, outside.

And some just took time to peacefully sketch anything they wanted outside while watching the end of the year football game.

But tie dye was the favorite project by far. Three classes earned a tie dye party for earning every single sticker for the entire school year. This means they were respectful with positive attitudes and great clean up at the end of class. Three out of twenty-two classes! If you, or you have a child, that was in one of those classes- you should feel VERY proud. If you are a third or fourth grader, you know what to work towards next year!

But now summer has begun. It’s time for professional development classes, teaching summer school (I’m teaching Recycle It! with K-6. Posts to come!).

I will continue to post about what my summer school students are doing in Recycle It as well as family art opportunities to experience around Madison. And don’t forget to do some art on your own this summer! I’ll help you out with that in a few posts as well.

Bring on summer!!


4 thoughts on “June

  1. I don’t do twitter.. I don’t need anything else to waste my time on the internet with! I already spend way too much time on here. I don’t think you emailed me about him? What do you mean he headed in my directions? like he came to my school? I worked for several years in the public schools, so I know how the unions work and all that and it’s so much more than just money. I wouldn’t mind going down to the capitol again. Are there going to be more protests you think, or is it pretty much over?

    • This is FAR from over. There will be MANY more protests and rallies. More importantly, people are very busy working on recall efforts. I made my first trip to Olsen’s district this last weekend and knocked on 40 doors myself. I plan on going again Wednesday and this coming weekend. If you want to meet teachers in other districts, this is the way to go! There is much more work to be done. Primaries are July 9th and the final election is August 12th. Let me know if you are interested in getting involved! There are plenty of places to knock on doors but if you aren’t comfortable with that, data entry and phone banks also need volunteers.

  2. Hey! I just checked out your blog and realize you are in Madison too! That’s awesome 🙂 I teach at EAGLE school in Madison, which is a small private school near Fitchburg. Although I’m in the private sector, I’ve gone to some of the protests and support the public schools (of course). We’re lucky in Madison that the majority of the families are liberal, so teachers get a bit more moral support here than they might in other areas of Wisconsin. Although I constantly feel like teachers have a target on their backs. But don’t get me started on politics! I can talk for hours. My husband is a news reporter and this year has been crrraaaaazyyy for us. I’ll be following your blog now too. It’s interesting to read what other Wisconsin teachers do in their classrooms, like the WI artist studies and the social justice lesson seem particularly intriguing. I also like your post about the art in Madison, such as the political yarn bombing and the mud stencils. I hadn’t known about those. I’m going to post a few more of my own pictures from downtown. Anyways, nice to meet you! My name is Marcia.

    • Funny! I’ve followed your blog for awhile too! We need more Madison art ed bloggers. Do you tweet as well? One of my students headed in your directions last year. Actually, I think I e-mailed you about him. Small world. : )

      Thanks for the support of public school teachers. My friend is a private school teacher and she’s been down there as well. It would be great to get some art teachers together to get political! We had a few Madison art teachers organizing things before (chalk protesters and winds of change) and I’m not sure what happened. We need to reorganize!

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