Thank You

I was reading an article and the comments after it tonight. With all the teacher bashing, it made me think about what else I would do for a career. I had to really think about it. I’ve wanted to be an art teacher since I was in second grade. The only other career that had me the least bit interested was an art therapist. I guess that’s what I would do if I wasn’t a teacher.

I could never have an office job, even if it would mean getting to work at 9am. I’m really not a morning person, 7:30am is not my favorite time of day. My parents couldn’t get me out of bed before noon (or 3pm) during my summer vacations! However, at an office job you have to be with grown ups all day. Their faces don’t light up when they see you and their voices don’t excitedly call good morning to you. They also don’t run down the hall to give you a hug like it’s been years since they saw you even though it’s only been a day.

We all know that being a teacher is not an easy job. So what motivates me?

It’s the possibility of merit pay, right? That has to be it. (note obvious sarcasm here)

Or walking in to my classroom to find daffodils and a cute note from a student on my desk?

Or finding a note left on my chair?

Or knowing I make my students think for themselves? Knowing I make a difference?

Or coming into my art room to see it’s been cleaned by some amazing Gompers families?

Or a lunch catered by my favorite local coffee shop from the Franklin-Randall PTO? (And the best part? A 15 minute chair massage. This particular chair massage was highly enjoyed before going to a stressful school board meeting).

But let’s face it, the last three months have been the most stressful three months of my entire life. There are days when it was hard to get out of bed. But I am blessed to have the parents and students at two schools who support and appreciate me. I feel appreciated by my school community even if there are others that don’t appreciate my profession. And that is why I will never have another profession. I will always be a teacher. Always. There isn’t a politician in the world that can take away my passion for my students.

Thank you to the Franklin-Randall and Gompers parents and students for your support and appreciation this past year. I may have gotten a bit overloaded this semester and missed a thank you note or two but don’t be fooled. EVERY SINGLE little note, gift or word of encouragement is appreciated more than you know. Every word tattooed on my heart.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. A beautifully written post, simple and heartfelt. Such a counterpoint to all the mayhem of early spring. Hugh had a great year in your class. Keep doing what you do best. You are appreciated!
    Mary Ellen

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