5th gr Graffiti

To end the year, 5th graders requested that we do a lesson on graffiti. I happily obliged! A few years ago, I spent a spring break in San Francisco visiting my cousin and his then fiance (now wife). I kind of sprung it on them that I was coming last minute because my original travel plans changed but they were amazing! I spent days on my own exploring the city and at night they showed me around. One afternoon, my cousin showed me a few really good graffiti spots and that is where these pictures are from. Some of the pictures are from other random places around San Fran that I took on my own. Most of these pictures are from permission walls.

We talked about the difference between legal street and and illegal street art. We also discussed some of the history of graffiti including the fact that graffiti is sometimes used to express opinions about political or social issues. Other graffiti is really just to show off and get recognition.

Here’s the 5th grade work and the San Fran graffiti! (with a little Venice Beach thrown in too)

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One thought on “5th gr Graffiti

  1. What a neat way to engage 5th grade this time of year! This just gave me an idea…have you ever thought of doing graffiti art with the words from the Constitution? Calligraphy and artful writing had such an effect on our historical document. I think it would be a cool connection for 5th grade to tie in art with US history – and present!

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