4th gr Wisconsin Birds

4th graders were really inspired by local artist, Joshua Ludke. They were fascinated by all the different types of birds that live in and visit Wisconsin. Each student picked a Wisconsin bird to sketch. We focused on finding geometric shapes in each bird so we could draw our birds a little easier.
Then we focused on texture. We drew short lines for short feathers and  long lines for long feathers. We also learned that when the lines are drawn closer together, the feathers look darker.

Then we focused on using pen and ink to trace over all of our pencil marks. It was really fun using a new material! This was the first pen and ink experience for most of the students.

When students were finished with pen and ink, they had the choice to add color to their bird using chalk pastels, watercolors or both. Drawing with chalk pastels into wet watercolor can give some really neat effects. Check out some of these finished students! There are so many talented birding artists that I had trouble choosing which ones to post. I had to post so many of them! Can you name each bird?

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