Rodney Blumenfeld plates

5th graders have spent an awful lot of time on traditional African art this year. I thought we needed to study some African art from an artist who is still alive. I found Rodney Blumenfeld‘s art after a little Google work and really loved all the geometric shapes.  I really loved it after reading more about his inspiration.

Blumenfeld is a South African artist who started as an architect. His art is inspired by two South African tribes, Xhosa and Ndebele and their art work.



Rodney Blumenfeld’s work:

5th graders started by sketching out their own designs.

After rolling out slabs and cutting them into the shapes of our plates, students used sgraffito to etch their designs into their clay. Sgraffito is just a fancy way to say to etch into something.

Then they were fired and glazed.

And they turned out beautiful!!


5 thoughts on “Rodney Blumenfeld plates

  1. I see inspiration has spread from South Africa to Australia to the USA.
    I would now like to bring it the rest of the way around the world. I am an art teacher at a primary school in Cape Town and I would like my 5th grade kids to make similar art pieces.

  2. Well done! That’s very creative of you. I have 5 original Blumenfeld pieces – 3 large plates, and 2 free forms, and they are truly amazing! They are on display in my office, and clients always comment on them. Rodney has moved to Perth, Australia, and we are still in contact.

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