K/1 Birds

Lesson inspired by Deep Space Sparkle.

One of my K/1 class is about a month ahead of my other two K/1 classes.  I’ve been planning extra projects for this one class.  Projects that are a little more simple and have just one or two major art concept to focus on.

With this lesson I focused on pattern and shapes.  We began by talking about a half circle and how two half circles make up one circle.  We put our own half circles made out of tagboard together with a partner’s half circle to see the circle come together.  Then we used this shape to make birds.

After drawing our birds, we discussed what a pattern was.  After we each took a turn drawing a pattern on the chalkboard, we went back to our seats and filled in our birds with pattern (using oil pastels).

And then used watercolor to paint in the birds.  I did not introduce the vocabulary word ‘crayon resist’ but some of my first graders who I had last year remembered the term and brought it to my attention.  They are so smart!

And our finished birds, all cut out!

One student felt like the shapes where stifling his creativity.  Who am I to say no to an artist? This first grader’s bird is beautiful!


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