K/1 Faith Ringgold

I’m a little late on celebrating Woman’s History Month as well as Black History Month.  We’ve missed a lot of school in February (for a really good reason) so I’ve had to cut some things out of my curriculum.  Students may have missed a lot of classroom time but they sure learned more in the last month than I ever could have taught them!

Today we read ‘Tar Beach‘ by Faith Ringgold.  We discussed where we would go if we could fly anywhere.  Some kids got really silly and some kids were really practical.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but my favorite is the Penguin Dance Club.  I promise to update this post soon with a picture of it!


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About Ms. Walsh

I teach 3rd through 5th grade art in Madison, WI. I love sharing my passion for art with my wonderfully, creative students! This is my fifth year as a teacher in Madison.

One thought on “K/1 Faith Ringgold

  1. Had the good fortune several years ago to attend a lecture by Faith Ringgold – Amazing woman, creative artist and wonderful storyteller…How great that you introduced your students to her!

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