New Practicum Students

My first two years of college were at Edgewood.  Edgewood offers a very different Education major experience than the UW.  Edgewood sends their Ed students into practicums the very first semester.  By the time my two years were over, I had over 100 hours of experience in the classroom.  For the last half (3 years) of college, I went to the UW where practicums don’t start until your 4th year of school.  The rest of my class gained most of their experiences from other sources (volunteering, tutoring etc) and not practicum in the classroom.  Both UW and Edgewood are great programs that do things very differently.  As such, each college expects different things from practicum.  The UW expects more because they are in their 4th year of school.  Edgewood gets students comfortable in the classroom and gradually lays on more expectations.

Last semester, I had quite a few Edgewood practicum students and one UW student.  This year I have a few more practicum students (from Edgewood) I’d like to introduce you to!

A message from Jake:  I am Jake Grinnell, a sophomore at Edgewood College. My major is Elementary Education, with a minor in Art. Some of my hobbies include playing and coaching sports and working with children. I have been working with children every summer for the past 7 years and have recently been working in a 1-on-1 setting with children from special education classrooms, so I have worked with all types of children. I am very excited to work with your child in Ms. Walsh’s classroom!

A message from Tamsie:
Hi! My name is Tamsie (Ms. Lamoreaux). I am an Elementary Education major from Edgewood college with a minor in art. I go to school full time and work as a waitress when I am not in class. When I have free time away from work, school and homework I like to spend time with my friends and family in Beloit, or stay inside and hang out with my cat Hugo,  read and crochet. I just learned how to make hats! I kind of stumbled into art because they were good filler classes, but my passion is photography. I am photographing two weddings in April and I am very excited!! I can not wait to get to know all of your kids and make masterpieces together. 🙂

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