Frank Lloyd Wright: Art Glass

“..Light diffused, light reflected, light refracted – light for its own sake… More and more, light began to become the beautifier of the building – the blessing of the occupants.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

Light was very important to Wright.  He made his windows reach to the ceilings to create the illusion of more space.  He used art glass to create a cozy feeling while still letting light in.  Wright’s inspiration for art glass was nature.  He would find shapes in nature then abstract, or simplify, the forms he found nature.

This photo of the Hollyhock House shows perfectly the relationship between nature and the art glass in Wright’s designs.

Students began by looking at items from our garden.  It’s winter, so our choices were limited.

Students began by drawing shapes they found in these items.  Then they created a couple different symmetrical designs which would make a beautiful art glass window.




They turned out amazing!  Can you find the shapes from nature each artist found?

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