2/3 Gesture Drawings

2/3 students are learning about Edgar Degas who liked to sketch a lot and then take his sketches back to his studio and work alone (unlike other impressionists who liked to paint in the moment!). We watched the ‘Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists‘ video about him.  I highly recommend it.  Funny, informative and engaging!

Students were introduced to the concept of gesture drawing.  Each student had a partner who posed for them (1 min) and then they switched.  Students looked for both positive and negative space to draw.

We discussed how in gesture drawing, the process is much more important than the product.  It’s like basketball practice, practice is important but most people only see the big game.  Gesture drawing is practice, not the final product.Students will be using their gesture drawings to help them create a sculpture like Degas as well!  (Ours will be plaster strips).

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