Art Quiz!

Contest time (for Randall and Gompers students).

Whichever student posts in the comments section the most correct answers gets lunch time with the art teacher!  You’ll have to do some deep research for some of these.  : )

Who painted the first….

1.  ..self portrait?

2. ..realistic portrayal of a landscape?

3.  ..picture with one-point perspective?

4. ..still life?

5.  ..illusion of movement?

6.  ..abstract picture?

7.  ..picture to be called Cubist?  (think monochromatic painting from last year)

8.  ..Pop art composition?

9. ..Impressionist painting? (think painting in the garden last year)

10. ..action or drip painting?

11.  ..picture of the artist’s own dream?

12.  ..artwork of the Futurist movement?

Check back for hints on Friday.  I’ll be extending the contest to next Friday since I spaced telling most of you to actually check the blog for this contest.  Winner wins a special lunch with the art teacher!  (Not lunch room food. : ) )  Good luck!

This quiz was published in Arts and Activities February 2011.


PS I will approve comments after I post the answers in the post.  I have only received one entry so far.  She’ll win if there are no other entries!


3 thoughts on “Art Quiz!

  1. 1.Jan van Eyck 2.Konrad Witz 3.Masaccio 4.Jacopo Barbaro 5.Velazquez 6.Wassily Kandinsky 7.George Braque 8.Richard Hamilton 9.Monet 10.Jackson Pollock 11.Albrecht Durer 12.Boccioni

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