Painted Birds

It is a wonderful opportunity for fourth graders from Frank Allis and Nuestro Mundo Schools to have their artwork framed and on display in a public space in Madison. Large painted birds are currently up at the Access Community Health Center located at 3434 E. Washington Ave (on the corner of Wright St. and E. Wash across from Gardner’s Bakery). The artwork will be up for the next three months.  Go see it!


One thought on “Painted Birds

  1. Hi – this is about your foil people sculpture question. I’m not quite sure what you mean. We are covering them in plaster bandage. The wire armature is just a stronger armature than foil by itself I think. How tall do you make the foil people? (Ours are about 14″ tall average). I’m guessing smaller may not be as much problem without the armature? We do use some foil too, over the wire along with the newspaper & tape. Anyhow, to answer your question, I think the newspaper/tape over wire might be a little tough for 3rd graders. It can be challenging! Plus you have to make sure they are well-balanced. Also, I don’t personally use plaster bandage for kids that young (too expensive for my budget). It’s a treat for my 6th graders – makes them feel “grown up”.
    Have I been of any help whatsoever?
    I do papier-mache w/3rd graders, but simpler chunkier armatures: tennis ball container tikis, paper lunch bag armature masks, etc.

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