K/1 Clay Foot Pinch Pots

This art lesson is inspired by MN Art Gal.

K/1 students are having a wonderful time with their first clay experience.  We created pinch pots and then learned how to slip and score the feet to the bottoms of the pinch pots.

Here is what our pinch pots started out as:

And then we stuck our thumbs in them..

And pinched.

This proved much more difficult than anticipated.  The clay was a little harder than I would liked because I had pre-rolled them into balls on Tuesday after school because I knew I wouldn’t have enough prep time to dish out kindergarten-sized clay during prep on Friday.  Ah, the joys of being at two schools.  But they did it!

After learning the art term, pinch pot, we moved onto score and slip.  Some teachers use cutsey words for things like this.  I think they should know the proper terms right away and then the correct terms will be reinforced every year as they do clay again with me.

For those of you that have forgotten your last clay experience, scoring is where you make marks on both pieces of clay you would like to attach together.  Slip is really watery clay we use to to put over the scored areas.  Then the two pieces of clay can be joined together and the seams smoothed out.

This is how we attached our feet. (note the plastic spork for K/1 safe scoring)

Here they are, ready and waiting for the kiln!

After they were fired, we reviewed primary and secondary colors.  We then added a new art word, tint.  K/1s had a great time experimenting with color theory.  Sometimes it’s great to have a really structured lesson but sometimes K/1s need time to learn and discover on their own.  This was one of those independent learning moments and it was really successful.  Here are some of the color theorists in action:

And the results!!

Pretty colors. : )


PS Ending a K/1 class with paint requires organization, correct?  Throw in a fire drill 3 min prior to clean up which puts you at a two min clean up time with 15 students by the time you get back in the building.  Awesome.

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I teach 3rd through 5th grade art in Madison, WI. I love sharing my passion for art with my wonderfully, creative students! This is my fifth year as a teacher in Madison.

One thought on “K/1 Clay Foot Pinch Pots

  1. Hi,
    I love the feet! So fun and such a cool way to introduce slip and score. Especially before we make ugly jugs which are complicated! Love your blog will read more soon. Right now my Internet is down so I just have the phone so I can’t see all of your pics! Looking forward to reading more ideas soon. Thanks for your comments. I would life to do ATC’s with yOuf class except I’m due to have my baby girl very soon! Maybe in the fall? Perhaps the spring?
    We’ll have to keep in touch about that.


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