Frank Lloyd Wright, a Madison Tour

4th graders will become experts on Frank Lloyd Wright in the coming months and it began today!

He was born on June 8th, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin.  He passed away April 9th, 1959 in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 74 but not before he became one of the most famous architects that ever lived.

We are very proud of him here in Madison, WI and we see his work around us everyday.  Check out his work and embark on a Madison tour!

I bike through the Monona Terrace (1995. Based on 1959 design) often, even taking the elevator made just for bicycles!

Robert M. Lamp Residence 1905 22 North Butler Street (A simple brick structure. The third level is a later addition and not of Wright design.)

Herbert Jacobs First Residence 1936 441 Toepfer Street.

Eugene Van Tamelen Residence 1956 5817 Anchorage Road

Walter Rudin Residence 1957 110 Marinette Trail

Eugene A. Gilmore Residence, “Airplane House” 1908 120 Ely Place (This house is within walking distance to most Franklin-Randall students.  It is located just a few blocks from Randall!)

Unitarian Meeting House 1947 to 1951 900 University Bay Dr

After check out all the photos of these buildings, what do you notice?  What shapes do you see?  What’s different about each of them?  What’s the same?  What else can you tell me about each one?

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