K/1 Crazy Winter Hat Hair

This lesson is inspired by this Artsonia gallery from Oakridge Upper and Lower Elementary School Muskegon, Michigan (3rd grade).

As the last two hours in the last day before winter break, I wanted to have my K/1’s do a more simple lesson than I would normally do.  I learned the hard way that blowing watercolors across paper is actually too hard for kindergarten students.  I would do this with first and second graders.

Having said that, I taught both K/1 classes differently.  The first class I focused on facial features.  We talked about what we see on our faces (eyes, nose, mouth) and where those things go.  We talked about what shape our facial features are.  We talked about extra things we see on faces that make us unique (glasses, freckles, beauty marks, scars) and then added ears.   The second class I really focused on shapes.  I began the class by reading When a Line Bends a Shape Begins by Rhonda Gowler Greene.  We discussed what shapes are on our faces (circle for face, oval for eyes etc) and drew our faces.  Then we added the watercolor which went about as well in the second class as it did in the first class.  We had some frustrated artists on our hands so we shifted our focus to pattern on our shirts instead of crazy hair.  Can I say that keeping it silly is such a lifesaver?  I taught both classes with staticy, crazy winter hat hair.  They loved it.

At the end the class we played the ‘body shape game.’   Using our bodies, we created shapes on the carpet.  I got this idea from Math Art by MaryAnn F Kohl.  I know a lot of our K/1s really struggle with Math so when I can help them out, I try!

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