K/1 Snow Globes

Kindergarten and first graders created snow globes to learn about the art concepts landscape, horizon line, foreground and background.

Kindergartners learned that the horizon line is where the sky and the earth meet.  When we look outside, we don’t see a crazy space between our sky and earth.  The sky and the earth touch and the place where they touch is called the horizon line.  Then we discussed how a landscape is a picture of something outside.  We named lots of things we would see in a landscape including trees, snow, the sun, snow forts and snowmen.

First graders reviewed horizon line and landscape then learned their new art words, foreground and background.  Foreground is what is closest to us in a painting.  Things in the foreground are large, detailed and near the bottom of the painting.  Background is what looks farthest from us.  Things in the background are small with little or no detail and are usually found near the horizon line.

Kindergartners and first graders took their new found knowledge and drew landscapes in their snow globe circles.  Then we created a symmetrical shape for the base of our snow globes.

The second class period was spent gluing our snow globes onto our colored paper and drawing our backgrounds which showed where our snow globe sat.  Some students made their snow globes into an ornament and drew them hung on a tree.  Some students drew them in a special place next to their bed.

We watched the Pixar Short ‘Knick Knacks’ which inspired a kindergartner to draw her snow globe in the midst of other knick knacks.

Over all, I think most of the kindergartners and first graders really understood the new art concepts they learned!


Inspired by:  Sheila Zenk‘s ‘Winter Wonderland’ project, Mary Matula Elementary School and Tri-Center Elementary School.

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