Technology in the Arts, you can help!

My previous post lists as many careers in art that I could think of.  Did you check out that list? Wow!!  It is one long list.  There are so many possibilities!  The majority have something else in common besides art and that is technology.  Most of those careers use technology in one way or another.  If my job is to prepare my students for the real world, I am not doing my job if I can’t introduce them to technology in the arts.  But I need your help to be able to do that.  I have signed up for  I am trying to raise money for digital cameras in the classroom.

With digital cameras, I would like to:

(please click on the links to see how other art teachers have successfully complimented this in their classrooms)

-create digital portfolios

-introduce claymation

-create videos for digital story telling.  (Wow!  Look at all we can learn from digital story telling!!!)

learn art concepts in new ways

technology as a bridge to the world outside our classroom.

Connecting with other classrooms

If you’ve clicked on any of the links you’ll notice that a lot of them take you to Tricia Fuglestad in Illinois.  Here is an article written about her use of technology in the classroom.  Check out this video and see what it looks like her classroom.  Now we don’t have all the technology that Mrs. Fuglestad has but we have to start somewhere!  I asked her how she acquired all of the technology in her classroom and she told me,”I have written in-district grants, projects, entered video contests, used box tops for education, and Artsonia.”

How amazing would this all be in our classroom?

Help me make this possible!!
By going to you can donate DIRECTLY to OUR classroom.  Every $5 or $10 makes a difference.  You can share this link with friends and family and brag about the amazing art program your child is able to be part of!

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