2/3 Picasso

Second and third graders have been working very hard sketching facial features.  We learned about Pablo Picasso and how he painted and drew faces so we could see the front and the side at the same time!  After watching a video about Picasso, we studied his painting of Dora Marr.

Isn’t it crazy how we can see the front of her face and the side at the same time?  Check out those colors!

We began by drawing sketches of our portraits.

They got a little crazy.

Then we drew our final drawings on nice, heaving drawing paper.

Picasso used some crazy colors so we added that in too.

And the finished art!

We learned that Pablo Picasso is really famous for an abstract art called cubism.  One feature of cubism is that you can see all sides of something at the same time.   Ask your child to point out the front, back and side of their faces in their artwork.  We also learned about craftsmanship (really doing your best work).  If we hold our pencils lower, we have more control when we draw.  We need to be careful not to press too hard and to color gently.  We also need to be white spot inspectors!  Ask your child to show you how to blend colors using colored pencils.

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