‘Itty Bitty’ Debut!

Jessica Balsley is an art teacher in Iowa and writes for wonderful blog called The Art of Education which is a professional space dedicated to advancing the field of Art Education.  I learn a lot from other art teacher’s blogs!  She recently wrote an article entitled Rocking the Palette about another way to increase communication between the art room and home.  I love her idea for Itty Bitty Papers and am announcing their debut!  I have begun with the K/1 projects and will work my way into the 2/3s and 4/5s as they finished their Picassos, Georgia O’Keeffes and Ivory Coast Masks (yes we are still working on those).

Essentially, I will be writing up a summery of art projects to include things like what concepts were learned and what State WI standards were achieved by this project as well as questions or comments to encourage discussion between parents and children.  They will be printed on a piece of paper attached to the back of the artwork.

There are a few ideas behind the Itty Bitty papers:

1.  Students are able to look at their work and be reminded of exactly the concepts they learned through their art.

2.  Parents will know the concepts the students have learned in art.

3.  Parents and students will now be able to have a better conversation about student artwork.

Start watching for an Itty Bitty on the back of your artwork!!


One thought on “‘Itty Bitty’ Debut!

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my “Itty Bitty Idea!” I am sure you will happy with trying out the concept! It is one thing I spend extra time on that I never regret. I am enjoying getting to know your blog a little better, and will for sure add it to my reader! It’s so cool to be inspired by each other, and it seems you have a great thing going! Keep in touch.

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