K/1 Matisse

K/1 students have been really been working on their cutting and gluing skills.  Their skills were put to the test while ‘painting with scissors’ like Henri Matisse.  We learned all about Matisse and how he also loved shapes.  Geometric shapes are pretty new for the kindergartners but those smart 1st graders really had them down and started to add organic shapes to their art work as well.

First we had to sift through the scrap paper boxes which was a lot of fun because some of the 1st graders saw some of their Snow Day watercolor patterns they used last year for collages.  Some of the students even saw the scraps from our pumpkin people!  It’s fun re-using paper from other projects.

Some of us used templates to trace our shapes and some of us drew them by hand.  After drawing our shapes, we cut them out and set them on our paper to create a picture.  After they were all set in front of us the way we wanted them, we glued them down.

Kids even got little crazy and experimented with what it would look like if they glued them on so shapes became forms (3-d shapes).

The finished product!


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